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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
Not HR He was better off in the future, then Barry had to stick his nose into it and eff up his chances of getting a threesome
lol, true... but then what happened with this budding romance between HR and tracy? not that i really care but still...

I guess she loved him, maybe more than her other LIs, but even in S1 I bought the love more from Ronnie's side. It doesn't matter anyway because he won't come back.
kind of felt the same... though i don't trust the show not to bring him back

If only Barry knew a super powered alien who is super fast, super strong, bulletproof, has super hearing and heat vision...Oh, wait

I don't think it was a bad idea to time travel in 3x19. He would have come back to the exact moment he left anyway. No time would have passed for the others. I guess he's planning to do the same in 3x22 but something will go wrong.
true enough but still... why not call them? what's the point of the cross overs and having them become the mini avengers and then not use them when you actually need them?

The show taught me well
this reminds me of darth - vader vs. obi wan

"when i left you, you were the master and i was the learner. now, the circle is complete and i am the master"

No but really, I would love it if Savitar had no intention of killing Iris and just wanted her for himself. He just needs Barry to think that she's dead in order to ensure his existence.
that would be interesting... but unless he had a way to prevent cisco from vibing - he'd be able to find iris. unless of course something happened to cisco's hands


This is kind of heartbreaking because I believe that Iris wouldn't have shunned SaviBarry, especially after seeing that scene in the sizzle reel The problem is that she wasn't around at the time of his creation, and she wasn't there because his future self had killed her
that is what we like to call hind sight

but yeah, i don't think she would have either.
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