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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
She won't be spared. Her destiny is to end up in a prison cell.
oh, i know just...i just meant "from the wrath of savitar" unless of course he does betray her and then that is what leads to her being in a prison cell... because indirectly or directly he effs up everyone else.

I've seen people speculate that Savitar has promised Killer Frost to bring Ronnie back as a thank-you gift. I don't know where the speculation comes from when there's been no indication that Caitlin even misses him. It sounds random to me. Plus, Savitar won't keep his end of the bargain.
that seems like a stretch. not to mention the fact that unless ronnie died - for the 10,000 time in the future - where was he in 2021? would he have abandoned kf? that makes no sense, whether savitar would or wouldn't - probably would not - keep that promise doesn't matter that much. i wonder if its the same group of people who were convinced savitar = ronnie?

Most likely. Savitar is going to kidnap Iris right?
believe so.

It will happen while Barry is busy doing whatever he's doing with Captain Cold. In the meanwhile, Cisco is fighting Killer Frost. That leaves Wally as the only super powered person left to protect Iris and Savitar is going to kick his @ss.

see, this is where jessie's absence becomes really obvious. i know, i complain about the crowded screen etc... but realistically, if barry KNOWS he's going off to find captain cold... if only there was another super powered hero i knew and who knew me who could keep it at the 3-2 ratio in our favor when i was gone, and then when i came back, it would be 4-2. hmm..... if only there was someone out there who fit that mold....

or you know, if instead of leaving - which i did in 3x19 rather than tracking down my enemies and dealing with that first by potentially tacking killer frost off the board - i'm going to repeat that mistake and leave her and savitar running on the lose and just bounce. i mean, its not like the villains would ever take advantage of my absence, would they... ..... err, what?

or even better, what if instead of us sitting around and looking gloom, if i whisked iris off somewhere to earth 19 or something, or brought in jessie and potentially gyspy .... and then i might not need to create remnants and scar is never born. i know... perhaps too logical and lacks drama, etc.

Okay, I'm probably wrong and there's something missing. I don't get how Lyla and Argus feature into this.
maybe because they want scar to be in their army of messed up meta humans lol... idk. because naturally argus is going to want the red blob of crap for themselves.

True. Which is why there has to be something more to his comments about controlling all of time and the rules not applying anymore.
just so long as he doesn't start talk about conquering worlds when all he's really done is conquer one city, i'm okay

Time travel shenanigans can fix everything and Savitar will eventually have Barry's old life Don't mind me, I'm not making any sense.
well, at least the show's not alone anymore

He's taking a vacation. Or the Speed Force is a bitch and wants Barry to suffer. Or the rules don't apply anymore. Most likely a plot hole
or some kind of all three.... thawne, zoom and barry... don't mess with the time line or we'll send time wraiths / black flash after you a**...

savitar, do whatever the eff you want baby.

I understand very little about time remnants. They are and they feel whatever the writers want them to be and feel. I'm trying not to overthink it My idea is that since they're duplicates programmed to do the same thing (fight Savitar), they'll all feel the same emotions.
so do i... which outside of the stupidity of the explanation on its own which is pretty much impossible to do - the fact that we've had time remnants before we all seemed to basically accept their status as "disposable" and given no effs about their brief lot in life... until now. where we basically have the ultron of time remnants who becomes sentient


i feel like caitlain has to regain control in 3x22. because that would explain how the shot of her saying "bye bye vibe" makes sense in that she returns right before killer frost kills / de hands cisco and would be a reference to her changing eyes in the elevator / hall way scene
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