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Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
the only reason i said i needed it was just because even though its not barry... i have a little weird feeling about caitlain / killer frost being the only one who would basically merit being spared in a sense. it would also be similar to how grodd seemed to be attached to her because she was kind to him when he was experimented on.
She won't be spared. Her destiny is to end up in a prison cell.

I've seen people speculate that Savitar has promised Killer Frost to bring Ronnie back as a thank-you gift. I don't know where the speculation comes from when there's been no indication that Caitlin even misses him. It sounds random to me. Plus, Savitar won't keep his end of the bargain.

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
that could be it... but maybe wally shows up during said scene where we see savitar + iris + joe and flies after savitar trying to protect them? maybe that's why in the sizzle real wally says that barry trusted him and he let him down???
Most likely. Savitar is going to kidnap Iris right? It will happen while Barry is busy doing whatever he's doing with Captain Cold. In the meanwhile, Cisco is fighting Killer Frost. That leaves Wally as the only super powered person left to protect Iris and Savitar is going to kick his @ss.

Okay, I'm probably wrong and there's something missing. I don't get how Lyla and Argus feature into this.

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
could be but what kind of life would that be? potentially KF is around, maybe not. everyone else would be either incapacitated, no longer with the living or hate him.
True. Which is why there has to be something more to his comments about controlling all of time and the rules not applying anymore. Time travel shenanigans can fix everything and Savitar will eventually have Barry's old life Don't mind me, I'm not making any sense.

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
which just begs the question to me, of where the Black Flash is? unless he's making an appearance in the finale to help stop him... all the messing with the time line 's done and apparently wanting to control time should have pissed off the speed force to send its #1 enforcer to pay savitar a visit.
He's taking a vacation. Or the Speed Force is a bitch and wants Barry to suffer. Or the rules don't apply anymore. Most likely a plot hole

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
true. but then all of them would have to feel exactly the same way about being rejected. i get that most of them might but every single one would feel that way? if time remnants have these abilities, zoom's were perfectly happy just letting him murder them off... granted, zolomon was deranged but still...
I understand very little about time remnants. They are and they feel whatever the writers want them to be and feel. I'm trying not to overthink it My idea is that since they're duplicates programmed to do the same thing (fight Savitar), they'll all feel the same emotions.
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