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I really enjoyed this episode mainly because a lot of stuff I had forgotten about was addressed.

I forgot that when Oliver downloaded the video his father left him there was one that said for Thea as well. I loved that came back into play.

Also when I saw the promo for this episode I think I assumed it would be Olivers father in that box. I had forgotten about Ollies dad killing that guy in the factory. If I recall correctly I think it was a flashback in S2 with Moira and Roberrt when we learned about that. I think Malcolm used that has a way to force Roberrt into helping with the Undertaking.

We got a Roy name drop.

Once again loving Quentin/Rene. He was so disappointed when Rene didn't show up for the hearing. Made me sad.

So setting up Kovar to be big bad next season possibly? I want Siren to be a villain that ends with redemption arc. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I loved the idea that Oliver wants to leave the past in the past and starting living for himself. Let's see if he actually does it.
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