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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
What if he needs her to freeze Cisco's hands and leave him powerless?
true but the little smile makes me wonder if its not something the writers think is really cool and ends up being really dumb...

edited the post below...

the only reason i said i needed it was just because even though its not barry... i have a little weird feeling about caitlain / killer frost being the only one who would basically merit being spared in a sense. it would also be similar to how grodd seemed to be attached to her because she was kind to him when he was experimented on.

The trailer shows Savitar attacking Wally. It's possible he needs all of Barry's super powered allies out of commission before the big showdown.
perhaps, but he kicked wally and barry's a** at the same time earlier this season... so unless the show says they've gotten a lot stronger or he's gotten a lot weaker... idk if that part really matters?

that could be it... but maybe wally shows up during said scene where we see savitar + iris + joe and flies after savitar trying to protect them? maybe that's why in the sizzle real wally says that barry trusted him and he let him down???

I actually hope it's the other way around and she betrays him. I had the same wish when Caitlin was kidnapped by Zoom and the writers failed me back then. This is their second chance.
agreed. and even though its not barry and the explanation was crap... and the choke was about him losing his memories....

caitlain's killer frost should still be more wary of trusting savitar, imo. maybe the one in the future eventually had reason to trust him more. but since we're not going to see that, she should still be wary of the idea of trusting someone like that, face or no face.

i mean, even if he isn't planning on betraying her right now, the thought would occur to me that after team flash is gone... he probably wouldn't really need me anymore. and unless he was inclined to keep me around for X reason... he might choose to rid himself of the last reminder of his former life.

Yeah but I took that scene as Barry implying that he'd do the same to someone else, not to the people he cares about. Barry thought of himself as incapable of evil and it then hit him that sometimes he'd want others (his enemies?) to feel that kind of pain.
most likely - 99% - correct. the timing and how the scene played out just kind of bugged me, obviously.

. He wants Barry to become him, to be abandoned and forgotten, so I wonder if his ultimate plan is stealing Barry's life?
could be but what kind of life would that be? potentially KF is around, maybe not. everyone else would be either incapacitated, no longer with the living or hate him.

i took that to mean that he wants people to worship him instead of him seeing the people of central city worship barry / the flash and in that way, he's abandoned and forgotten.

He wants control of all time, whatever that means. Two episodes left and we have more questions than answers
which just begs the question to me, of where the Black Flash is? unless he's making an appearance in the finale to help stop him... all the messing with the time line 's done and apparently wanting to control time should have pissed off the speed force to send its #1 enforcer to pay savitar a visit.


I think it doesn't matter. The time remnant becomes Savitar because he survives and gets shunned. Whether it's time remnant #1 or time remnant #25, Barry and the team would treat him as a aberration.
true. but then all of them would have to feel exactly the same way about being rejected. i get that most of them might but every single one would feel that way? if time remnants have these abilities, zoom's were perfectly happy just letting him murder them off... granted, zolomon was deranged but still...

I don't know how the scar features into it but are we sure it's a result of the battle?
i have three theories regarding that.

1 - he ran so fast that he got burned by the speed force, hence why it won't heal.

2- there was / is a fall out with killer frost and she hit his face with a blast of ice, etc... which would ironically result in a scar / burn mark.

3. - he gets it from the final battle

It depends on when Wally confronts Savitar. I thought it was immediately after Iris' death. At that point he couldn't come face to face with the poor time remnant because Barry had created him only four years later, when they trapped Savitar. This according to the 3x21 script because emo Barry told us a different story
yep. after one episode they messed up what they had just done

Iris dies in 2017. Barry creates the time remnant in 2021. If Wally had come after Savitar before 2021 then he couldn't have met the time remnant.

I think he was scarred because Savitar unmasked in front of him and he saw that it was a version of Barry. That probably was enough to traumatize him.
oh, i have no doubt about this.

with savitar's scar on his face and the rejection he endurred... this has got to be his theme song from now on

I'm giving myself another headache
right there with you.
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