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Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
yeah, you know i'm not a sadist but this is going to sound really weird.... i almost think he needs to betray killer frost or try to? because, again, this is weird, i know but because of the story line the show has done... it'll just be weird to me.

at least until we learn what exactly he wants or needs because the only reason she's spared the pain he causes everyone else is because #hashtagwe'reevil?

maybe that is the logic. i'm not going to try to over think things anymore on here, lol.
What if he needs her to freeze Cisco's hands and leave him powerless?

The trailer shows Savitar attacking Wally. It's possible he needs all of Barry's super powered allies out of commission before the big showdown.

I actually hope it's the other way around and she betrays him. I had the same wish when Caitlin was kidnapped by Zoom and the writers failed me back then. This is their second chance.

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
yeah and when Iris said it wasn't him his response was "part of me is or part of him is" me. so that just doesn't make sense to me. because that made it seem like they were both protecting barry by making a time remnant but at the same time having barry give voice to the fact that he knows there is a darkness in him and in theory, could see where he might go down the road where he does terrible things to people he cares about.

so they both protected him but at the same time seemed to throw out there that in theory, barry could do some awful things, even having him talk about how easy it would be for a speedster to become a god, etc.
Yeah but I took that scene as Barry implying that he'd do the same to someone else, not to the people he cares about. Barry thought of himself as incapable of evil and it then hit him that sometimes he'd want others (his enemies?) to feel that kind of pain. Savitar doesn't care about those people so he has no problems hurting them. He wants Barry to become him, to be abandoned and forgotten, so I wonder if his ultimate plan is stealing Barry's life? He wants control of all time, whatever that means. Two episodes left and we have more questions than answers

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
how in the blue hell does savitar know which time remnant is him? they'd all look, sound and act the same, no? or does it not matter, so long as any one of them survives, whether its time remnant #1 or time remnent #25... do they always become savitar or does he always have to save scar aka time remnant 52?
I think it doesn't matter. The time remnant becomes Savitar because he survives and gets shunned. Whether it's time remnant #1 or time remnant #25, Barry and the team would treat him as a aberration. I don't know how the scar features into it but are we sure it's a result of the battle?

Originally Posted by bonnie51 (View Post)
exactly. unless they're saying the time remnant approached wally before wally confronted savitar without them knowing that the savitar was the time remnant from the future and that's what scarred wally so badlly...
It depends on when Wally confronts Savitar. I thought it was immediately after Iris' death. At that point he couldn't come face to face with the poor time remnant because Barry had created him only four years later, when they trapped Savitar. This according to the 3x21 script because emo Barry told us a different story

Iris dies in 2017. Barry creates the time remnant in 2021. If Wally had come after Savitar before 2021 then he couldn't have met the time remnant.

I think he was scarred because Savitar unmasked in front of him and he saw that it was a version of Barry. That probably was enough to traumatize him.

I'm giving myself another headache
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