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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
^ Did he even talk to Killer Frost about his origin story and plans?
nope. outside of his explanation to barry all we saw him do was kneel with his head in his hands... which led to killer frost b*tching at him and literally rapping her knuckles on his helmet when he didn't answer her... which lead to the choke scene... which was because he didn't remember who he was after barry lost his memories.

and then there was like "i remember" shot after barry remembered, and that was it. he had zero purpose really, three episodes from the end of the season.

other than a kind of swarmy little smirk when talking about the "other thing he needed" and said he was going to keep that to himself when talking to barry.

I'm finding it hard to watch episodes these days and the time remnant explanation is complete and utter bull****
see, i had been gaining a little interest... and then that happened. it was bad enough that they had barry kill iris in the future... but now... this?

if that's what they came up with for his rationale for killing iris... i shudder at what the other thing is. someone to doe his nails? give him hugs?

What happens if Barry lets Savitar kill Iris and four years into the future does NOT create time remnants to defeat him? Would it undo Iris' past murder?
exactly. i just... i don't understand this part. shouldn't present barry know that already from what future barry said... and then especially now, if he never creates time remnants... idk. the crap about the rules not applying the more you did... crap. i should have broken the law and my parents rules more often then, if the more you do something the less the rules apply

and because he's a time remnant... where the hell is black flash? after whacking eobard, you'd think this fool would be #1 on the speed force's hit list.

So Savitar was a Barry that was treated like a aberration by Barry and company. I mean, this isn't even about Iris. Nowhere did they say that Barry and the others were too broken after Iris' death that they shut the other Barry out for that reason. It was because he wasn't The Original. They were just dicks. SaviBarry doesn't even need to drive Barry into the dark so that he can be born, he just has to count on Barry and company's dickish side to come out once he survives the battle with Savitar. At this point that line makes no sense
maybe they were trying to show Iris prevents them all from being dicks? idk...

but in all seriousness, WTF was THAT?????

you have barry, kill iris... and THAT. THAT. THAT... that is what you come up with? damn. pretty sure if i tried hard enough in about 5-10 minutes I could come up with some crap that made sense.

he's not the future flash.
he's not savitar.

he's emo barry with facial scars and shorter hair. not as catchy, i know, but that's who he is.

whoever came up with and approved that explanation needs to be stuck in the speed force

If I were a teacher... its an F-. I mean... damn. You take the primary ship of the show, comically the foundation of stable relationship and characters, have one of them kill the other and its because a future version didn't get a hug? what... how...what... why????

my head doesn't hurt... it exploded 5 minutes into the show. i might have missed a good moment here or there because i was just pissed the rest of the episode. i wish you're theory about him getting trapped and cut off because he didn't die for iris was true. that would be better than this. anything would probably be better than this.

and then they just had barry brood when everyone said he'd never hrut iris. he just sat there with his hand on his face and mumbled about "the darkness" to iris like "yeah, i've got darkness in me and i totally might be capable of murdering you some day" after which peptlak #44448885550011105338564 commenced....

I'm still pulling for Iris to show some compassion and erase him from existence. If hugs and caresses is all he needs, I'm sure Saint Iris can give him what he craves.
no crap. no wonder why he closes his eyes in the flash sizzle real now, lol. this is his inner reaction

he threw all the dudes under the bus though - barry, wally, cisco and joe were all dicks.

once again, the show intentionally or unintentionally implies if the girls aren't around on team flash, it either all goes to hell and they are all dicks. and wait a second...

how did wally shun him if he was in a coma? don't they even watch their damn show from a couple episodes ago? and if he approached them after he survived then why was wally so taken back by what he saw that he became comatose? and was emo facial scar short hair barry - still not catchy - expecting a hug from someone who is comatose and crippled? seriously. do they watch their own show? i'm ont talking about season one, or even season two, or earlier this year. like two damn episodes ago. how can wally shun him and why is he so horrified by what he sees if emoscarredbarry - better - came to them looking for a hug? my head just exploded again.

and how in the blue hell did no one know who he was in the future if he was barry's time remnant he appeared to them looking for love? just....

writer's........this show right now....

Apparently Iris got romance scenes with Amnesia Barry. I've seen some gifs and that part sounds sweet
they were good... could have done without the part where she questioned whether she wanted to bring "barry" and his memories back or leave him happy and have no flash... but that didn't last too long. i got why... i just don't know if i needed her wondering if the city needed the flash at the end of season 3. felt like we had already established that it did.

the flash back was nice... a tad cheesy, but i wanted flash backs and got one so that's enough for me to not mind the cheese all that much.

Still, no reaction when Savitar's identity was revealed. She should have been on the receiving end of the pep talk
come on now... that would require getting an Iris pov on this hot mess... and that's as likely as why scarredemobarry's reason for needing killer frost probably not sucking....#notlikely

It's funny that I haven't seen one scene with Tracy and I can already tell that she won't wow me. The same people who adore her are Felicity and Patty stans as well. The awkward quirky nerd woman is my least favorite character type.
it was awful. we literally wasted time with hr talking about her lips and smoky eyes or some crap while saying he was going to focus on helping her work. then right after iris/amnesia barry kissed and he started getting powers back, tracy and hr kissed and she had some kind of break thru. it was like

Everyone! kiss someone and you'll have some kind of break thru! kiss a friend, kiss a lover, kiss a stranger... just find someone and kiss them. that's all you need.

it would have been a tad cheesy for me if it were just iris and barry that happened with. the fact that they then dared to do the same thing with hr and tracy....


favorite parts....

cecile's reaction to amnesia barry was priceless.
iris and barry were largely enjoyable.

killer frost is priceless right now imo.
killer frost sassing savitar was good after he verbally smacked her last week... and i'm glad the choke scene was really just because he had no idea who he was or she was after the memory loss....
caitlain never would have just knocked on his helmet with her "anyone home" etc.. ... scarredemobarrybutnotreallybarrybutkindabarry sucks but she's still cool... even though we have no idea what she wants or why he needs her and her basically out of time to find out as they're off to talk to snart adn evade king shark next episode.

her little hmmph after team flash was all together at ht end and just strolled out like "i never loved any of you" was clearly a lie but i liked i for the fact that you didn't just have the villain crumble and fall when confronted as some shows do.


least favorite....

#5559595502020558696303054095 pep talks happened last night.

still no iris pov.
still no earthy idea what killer frost's end game is.
still no idea what savitar's needs are exactly and what his end game is.
really crappy reasoning behind savitar.
tracy and hr.
wally just kind of.. being there.
stone cold being the random pyromaniac of the week.
julian annoys me more and more. last week it was

"caitlain, caitlain stop" outside jitters. this week was

"i'll fix you. i'll try again and again to fix you, i lover you"

morons. you ever think maybe part of the reason killer frost sided with facially scarred emo barry was that - whether using her or not - he didn't want to put her back in a cage and run tests on her, etc... and not only that... that was a great moment for a brief flashback and have it be cisco, barry and caitlain in the hall as a mini shout out to season 1. have it end the same way - but that would have been a little homeage instead of julian apparently loving caitlain which is almost as quick as hr's fallen in love with tracy.

and furthermore... damn, for smart people they are really dumb. after already being cornered once with killer frost using the hand scans around star labs... one might have thought cisco / barry / someone would have removed her hand scan so she can't stroll in there like what'supbitches?


and i'm sorry... but this really bothers me.

that stare she gives him when wally asks why the time remnant , having barry's feelings would want to hurt them or kill iris and he just sat there and didn't say he " i wouldn't" or something and just got up and left... that bugs me. i know they had the pep talk with iris right after that... but still... that bothered me. i know to some degree having him deny it makes no sense... but that was just... wrong to me. i think there should have been something and then says that part of him was barry... i just am ????

amnesia barry and iris were great but barry and iris confused me. where they trying to imply that barry knows a part of him thinks about....? the "darkness"
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