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^ Did he even talk to Killer Frost about his origin story and plans?

I'm finding it hard to watch episodes these days and the time remnant explanation is complete and utter bull****

What happens if Barry lets Savitar kill Iris and four years into the future does NOT create time remnants to defeat him? Would it undo Iris' past murder?

So Savitar was a Barry that was treated like a aberration by Barry and company. I mean, this isn't even about Iris. Nowhere did they say that Barry and the others were too broken after Iris' death that they shut the other Barry out for that reason. It was because he wasn't The Original. They were just dicks. SaviBarry doesn't even need to drive Barry into the dark so that he can be born, he just has to count on Barry and company's dickish side to come out once he survives the battle with Savitar. At this point that line makes no sense

I'm still pulling for Iris to show some compassion and erase him from existence. If hugs and caresses is all he needs, I'm sure Saint Iris can give him what he craves.

Apparently Iris got romance scenes with Amnesia Barry. I've seen some gifs and that part sounds sweet Still, no reaction when Savitar's identity was revealed. She should have been on the receiving end of the pep talk

It's funny that I haven't seen one scene with Tracy and I can already tell that she won't wow me. The same people who adore her are Felicity and Patty stans as well. The awkward quirky nerd woman is my least favorite character type.
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