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s Alex really going to look for Jo's husband?
At the end of the past episode, Alex was apparently contacting his old lawyer for a referral (most likely a private investigator) because he wanted to "find a guy." I guess it could be something else, but the going theory is that Alex finds out he's a doctor and goes to the medical conference to check him out.

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But as for next week - I agree, it does look like that, and like you I'm not happy about it at all. I can't express how much I hate how they've minimised Jo's perspective and feelings about HER story, but now it looks like they're making her husband about Alex. I wanted it to be something that came from Jo, that SHE was the one to either seek closure by trying for a divorce, or that he somehow shows up and both her and Alex are thrown for a loop and deal with it together. But now it's about Alex, stemming from a case that he's had, and Jo doesn't seem to even feature in this decision. I can't say I like where it seems to be going, and it will absolutely cause conflict, and Jo would 100% have a right to feel betrayed. But once again they'll probably paint her feelings with little care, or not even show them at all, so she'll have zero empathy from the audience as per. It just baffles me because their story had the most potential to be amazing out of any of the characters this season, and they've completely wasted and ruined it! I'll never get that!
What I'm hoping is that Alex just wants to find out about the guy for his own peace of mind, but never plans on confronting him, meeting him or anything like that. Just kind of keeping tabs on him. But then he finds out he's a doctor and just can't help himself. Not that it makes it better, but I can see why Alex would want to know at least something about Jo's husband considering he just found out about it and they were together for 4+ years. I don't think that is completely unreasonable. But once he acts on what he finds out . I don't think that there will be all that much more with this situation this season, so maybe next season it will become more about Jo. They just need a catalyst to get him there I guess. Although, considering Alex apparently knows nothing about the husband or Jo's other life, its pretty unbelievable that a PI would be able to find him.
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