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Checkmate {Chloe ♥ Oliver} #26: Because Chloe looked like Oliver's perfect fit when she shot that bow and arrow.

Welcome to the 26 th

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Because In person Chloe thinks Oliver is "Really... Wow"
Because Everytime they talk, Oliver is cheking her out
Because He trusts her to guide him
Because he was at her birthday party even though they weren't on the best of terms at the time.
Because now they work together in JL, they have to been on-screen together
Because Blondes do have more fun.
Because they already have petnames!
Because they've had no relationship yet and we're already in love with them.
Because they could both heal the others hearts
Because they hardly knew each other, and she was already calling him Ollie
Because she is his own personal sidekick
Because Clark dated both families , Lois and Chloe, why shouldn't Oliver do the same?
Because even after she ran away with Davis...he still made sure she was safe after he found her...
Because she never gave up when he was sick...
Because he helped her mother find a safe haven...
Because he had tears in eyes when he was talking about her safety to Clark in Bloodline..
Because they both believe the end justify the means.....
Because he let her use his plane to save Clark...
Because he tried to get her release from DDS...
Because they both helped to protect Clark's identity...
Because we know that he is in her mind...
Because he has his own personal guardian angel - Chloe
Because the smile on her lips when she looked at him, pretty much said it all
Because He will always be her brightest star, her knight in shining leather, and her hero

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Past threads..

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Chloe♥Oliver{Checkmates}#15- Because Ollie broke the "no presents rule" not once but 3 times...
Chloe♥Oliver{Checkmates}#20-Because Oliver and Chloe will have a hard time to keeping their hands off each other- SV KS
Chloe♥Oliver{Checkmates}#22- Because it's the best decision he doesn't remember making...

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