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Thanks, everyone for the comments and inputs on the image programs. It really does help to listen to other POVs on what works best and that programs that suit other icon/graphic makers might not suit you as much as other programs ... and it really depends on what style of icons you like to have as well, I think.

Originally Posted by Si_Crazy (View Post)
That works... I mean, why change if the lazy and good result is working?!?! I'm all in favor of that philosophy
It's the best philosophy, for real.

Originally Posted by CanIcallYouKate (View Post)
The Bobster with Ellie is everything
Those icons are wonderful, Sarah

I'm a Photoshop girl (to add to the general discussion in here ) and after Paula and Sarah recommended Photoscape, I tried it but I still like Photoshop better
Bobster ... I love it, Kate.

Originally Posted by girl under the floor (View Post)

But my gifs I make in Photoscape. Text I add in Photoscape
I think it's a matter of what you started out using maybe? Photoshop is sometimes too complicated for me when I can achieve the same thing with 2 steps in Photoscape
I've had a few times where I did only the absolute necessary in Photoshop and the rest in Photoscape
Could be. I feel like Photoscape is really user friendly (as you told me when I first started using it) compared to some other programs where you really need to read the FAQs and tutorials first.

Oh yes, I definitely agree about text being easier to add on Photoscape. Just comparing it to Paint Shop Pro which I used before. I liked the layering thing that I could do on Paint Shop Pro (which is something I haven't been able to figure out on Photoscape as I probably mentioned before) though.

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I'm a Photoshop girl too although it's not what I started with because at the time I didn't have money to get it so I used I think Paint first then, Paintshop pro9 then moved onto Photoshop cs2 and now cs6 which I love even more then cs2. I've never used Photoscape either.
I think that I used Paint too, when I first started out. And then Paint Shop Pro too, I felt so lost when I couldn't download that anymore and had to find other programs so I was glad that Photoscape worked out well for me.

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