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Hi guys it's been a while since I last wrote here,but after this episode I have to come here and share my feelings with you.
Where do I start? I'm still so emotional The last 10 minutes of the episode literally killed me Major taking the cure and saying goodbye to the most 2 important persons of his life and Ravi and Liv reassuring him that they're not going anywhere I'm still in tears
The scene with Liv was so beautiful and intense and heartbreaking When he said: "Once I'm new me. Keep reminding me of what we meant to each other." and then they talked about their first kiss and he said "There's one silver lining to forgetting everything. You'll knock me off my feet all over again" and they had sex because they knew that THAT was the moment...the last time with the real was their last chance like they wanted to freeze the time and live in it forever. you could feel all the pain,they were saying goodybye...hoping that one day they will find each other again. Such a bittersweet moment a perfect example to what Liv and Major are for each other. Human or zombie, Liv will always protect Major, and memories or not, Major will always love Liv I'm sure that he will fall in love with her all over again
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