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Originally Posted by chasing the sun (View Post)
If I have watched all of S1 of any show, I generally stick with the show until the end. The only show I didn't keep up with was TVD and Supernatural, but did watch the series finale of TVD. As for Supernatural, it has been on too long. But I do plan to catch up one day (same with TVD). I just need more time! So to rephrase: I have never really lost interest in any show after one season of loving it. Because after one season, I am invested and love the characters. So no matter the storyline, I have to know what happens to all the characters. I'm watching Supernatural live every week, but missed some seasons in between [like TVD].
Got ya im the same so VD i lost interest when elena became a vampire .. i dont know why we just stopped but like you i watched the final and i really loved it , it brought back many memories of why i loved the show it was my vampire faze . And it was a good ending so i went back and watched a few episodes

Supernatural i am 3 seasons behind now .. love the men byt yer its been on way to long and my thing is how many times can they keep dying? ,, each season 1 evil othee good than swap , i miss the week by week badie the funny one off episodes with the tricster were good .. ill catch up once it ends .. but my friend has kept up with it and says it does get better later on.
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