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Originally Posted by speedoflifexx (View Post)

What would be the most recent photoshoot she's done which you all like where she has blonde hair? Taking a look back we'd probably have to go all the way to 2010 (which I'm not sure if would be usable for us) for the most recent blonde photoshoot she's done with multiple pictures which would make the graphic already 7 years old when its put up. I know your suggestions have been even older than that which would make it even more outdated. So for me that's my main concern about using the blonde pictures as I don't want your board to be outdated. I completely understand wanting her to be blonde but if her current look or most recent look is the brunette then perhaps it is better to go with that? Or to just keep the graphic looking up to date & not too old? These from 2009 would work but again they're old pictures. I'm going to keep looking for something recent, blonde, & usable but I think you may need to decide which you'd prefer - an outdated graphic with blonde hair or an up to date one with brunette
I don't know about everyone else, but I don't mind the banner having old / outdated pics because I find the shoots of her with the long blonde hair to be nicer than the ones with the brown hair or even the blonde short hair.

These look fun but yet again she's got the brown hair. Not really a surprise since she needs it for Belle but unfortunate when trying to find recent blonde pics. Were there any other pictures from the Entertainment Weekly shoot from 2016? She's at least blonde there but there's only the one picture & we'd need at least 3
The only photos I know of that belong to the 2016 EW set are these but they are red carpet photos. They're HQ, I think, and newer than the ones in the first link you posted.
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