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Originally Posted by sherry02 (View Post)
I'm wondering why Regina isn't present in Emma's prophecy either. It could be something as simple as she's off working on something else. The Black Fairy and Zelena weren't in the vision either so maybe they're are off dealing with her. Since they made it a point that Regina wasn't there, I hope this won't end up being one of those things where the writers have forgotten what they wrote earlier in the season.
Lol, I actually wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. I have already caught this more frequently as of late and their stories tend to be straightforward and predictable now. Like we know who won't die, who might, or who is a target. Or twists aren't really twists but more lackluster.

Rumple's death is looking more likely to me too now that we know he was supposed to have been a savior.
Yep. The Savior title was the huge red flag, at least for me. The only other predictable 'twist' they can go with is either (1) Something happens with Regina instead or (2) They play it safe and no main character dies

ETA: There are spoilers everywhere today about the musical. The only thing I saw about Lana is that she has a part in 4 songs and it appears that the majority of her part is flashbacks.
I figured for Lana, it was going to be mostly flashback form as the EQ. Regina really has no prominent role to play in the ongoing SB plot. The musical is being used to front the CS wedding.
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