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Originally Posted by straws (View Post)
Yeah, S3 starts fantastic then takes a 360 into madness and the show never quite comes back from it.

S1 is solid but the show is still finding it's footing.

S2 has the perfect blend of everything.

I do think that Season 2 is the best Angel season, because it accomplished the task of turning Angel dark without turning him into Angelus. The whole double-edged sword of him allowing Darla and Dru to kill the lawyers, and then he fires his team because they don't respect his decision... It was all so well written and acted.

I love 'The Trial' episode, with Darla seeing the true goodness in Angel when he is willing to sacrifice himself to save her, then his pain when Dru turns her back into a vampire... Wow, that was incredible television.

Plus, the whole aspect of Cordelia finding it hard to forgive Angel when he comes back to them in 'Epiphany'... You feel the history of Cordy/Angel in that she was so betrayed when he abandoned her.

Plus I much preferred the fang gang pre-Fred because I hated the love triangle. Sorry Fred. You could've been a good character but they used you to create man-angst.

I adored Fred in Season 3 (which shocked me because I usually can't stand new additions to main casts), she brought a bubbly and awkward trait to the gang that played well against the charisma and confidence of Cordelia. But I definitely agree that I preferred the dynamic when it was just Angel, Cordy, Wes and Gunn.

In fact, some of the greatest AtS scenes are when Wes, Gunn and Cordy bond after Angel fires them. The karaoke scene, "we are the champions" unforgettable drunks!
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