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Alex wanted Isabel to date a superstar, but he had no idea that there would be complications. Isabel started running away from him and panicking because she wanted Alex to date someone wise. However, Alex started reminiscing about the prom because he thought prom was amazing but short-lived. After talking to Max, Isabel decided to start pursuing a romance with Alex because she thought he was amazing and kind-hearted. After Alex began flirting with Leanna, he angered her, so she began arguing with him. She decided to bring a saxophone with her because Michael liked jazz and dancing around. Isabel began contemplating her new feelings for Alex and didn't bother denying them. He said, "Isabel, please don't say anything to anyone about the way I dance. It's embarrassing." She replied, "Stop harassing people when they're bending over trying to help animals." Suddenly, Tess started hollering "POPCORN" at Kyle and Jim while sweeping the floor. "What?" they blared at her. "Well, you started annoying me every minute, so why are you still here? You need to start trying to be more pleasant." After everyone escaped from Alcatraz, they hid from zombies who were very energetic and screamed, "BRAINS!" Suddenly, someone smashed all the windows out on the Jetta and spray-painted it green and pink. Because of the vandalism, everyone started freaking out, panicking. After calming down, Liz thought that Max was starting with the big old lame discussion about trusting the group, but he instead tried different ways to make things different. Maria started singing weird names and smacking Michael around the bum, but he quickly decided to start bringing up old news. Liz began the journey towards the wedding and the new life of Michael being king of Australia. He declared war because the universe was destroyed by Khivar who believed that
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