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Originally Posted by charming_essa (View Post)
I'm sorry that the finale was not what people hoped for.

I just didn't care about John having taken the paternity test and not telling Katherine. It came out of nowhere. I think they just needed them to have something going on in this episode and that was all they could come up with. It had no affect on anything really.

It is so clear to me that Daphne is John's favorite child. He might as well have just come right out and said it. I did like the scenes between Daphne and Kathryn and how knowing Daphne has changed Kathryn's way of seeing people with disabilities.

I was fine with the resolution to Daphne's story. I expected her to continue to pursue her dream of being a doctor. She and Mingo are a cute couple. I was okay with whichever way that went.

The short scene at the end between Bay and Regina was nice, but did nothing to make up for the fact that the story has been neglected for nearly the entire series. I feel like Regina never really put forth any effort to get close to Bay.

I've always liked Regina and Eric together and I was pretty sure she wasn't going to run away with him, but I found it very unbelievable that after running for all these years, he's now willing to turn himself in and go to prison. Also I'm pretty sure you can't just hand off your kid to whoever you want to raise them while you're in jail. There is a process in place for those situations and since (I assume) Regina is not licensed for foster care and she and Eric are not married, she wouldn't just be granted custody.

The Travis/Bay/Emmett resolution was terrible. Emmett and Travis are just barely on speaking terms. Why would Emmett want to go to Tokoyo with him and travel around with a baseball team?? That makes no sense. I also really hate that they started this depression storyline for Emmett and then dropped it. Totally not buying that Bay and Travis are *the one* for each other. Nope, Emmett or no Emmett, I don't buy it. Also a huge disappointment to fans of Bay of Emmett who have been waiting for a reunion, or at least some hint of one. This is the part where you say "screw canon" and embrace fanfiction.

I didn't care about Melody and Gabe or Toby and Lily so no real opinion on those storylines.

I came to this board really late, but I have very much enjoyed posting with all of you the last few months.
Thank you so much, Essa, for being part of the discussion! I appreciate your empathy, too.

Today, I've been feeling a little sick to my stomach and heartbroken over this story, and your kindness makes a difference.

I thought the paternity test John did five years ago was a nice foil for Angelo's paternity test 17 years ago. Both men thought their partners had cheated on them. Angelo was confrontational and demanded the truth from Regina. He said that he could forgive her, if she would only tell him the truth. But when Angelo didn't believe what Regina told him (which was the truth), she ordered him to leave. Whereas John never even shared with Kathryn that he had suspected and "confirmed" her indiscretion. He just accepted what she'd "done" all those years ago and decided to love her and the child anyway. That's a strong and mature human being, if you ask me, and that's the text book definition of real love. It's why I've always felt that Bay & Emmett could get back together, after their mistakes, because when you really love someone, then that love is unconditional. It doesn't matter whether you trust them or not, because you trust yourself, and you know your love for them is true.

I liked the scenes between Kathryn and Daphne, too. They were poignant. I also like the scenes between Kathryn and Bay. It's beautiful the way Bay allows herself to be vulnerable with Kathryn.

As for John, I think he just understands Daphne's goals better than he ever understood Bay or Toby's goals. He gave that same exact speech to Toby in the batting cage when Toby was trying to tell him that he wasn't going to give up his music career. He told Toby, "I just don't know how to help you in that world." Why would the writers repeat the same story for Bay?

Regina was her typical self-centered self. I like her with Eric or Luca, but I don't care about either relationship. I didn't feel anything when she talked to Bay or Daphne. I'm numb to anything to do with Regina. You are right about Regina not being Will's guardian. Why would Eric leave his impressionable son for three years anyway? Those are important years for a tween.

I agree with every word you said about Bay, Travis, and Emmett. The boys were never shown to be close, and the idea of Emmett following Travis to Tokyo is ludicrous. In an interview today, Lizzy Weiss added to Bay's Thanksgiving promise and said the three of them will spend every Thanksgiving together for the rest of their lives. WTF?

I agree about Melody & Gabe and Toby & Lily. No reason to care, although I am sad Toby now wants to give up music. For some reason, it feels as though Weiss writes women to douse men's passions more often than not. I hate to seek that.
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