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^This show has the best cinematography and the music really sets a mood!

I think it would have been more interesting had it been Elijah tbh.
I was thinking that too. I wonder though if Klaus is not as affected as we are led to believe, since he did know enough to not look at the blue light. So perhaps it is Elijah (as well as Marcel), since interestingly enough, Elijah usually does draw the line somewhere morally (for instance, he told Hayley she should let Keelin go) so I can see him normally looking for alternatives first, rather than being so eager to consider killing the kids. So perhaps the blue light is beginning to infect him. After all, Vincent warned him about the evil inside rather than the good he tries to project on the outside.

Freya/Wolfie - Not here for it. I don't like the idea that Freya is going to be getting romantic with someone she has tortured and is holding captive. It's creepy and weird. I would prefer Freya in the witchy I loved her scenes/chemistry with Vincent so I was hoping to see something more happen there .

Vincent - My baby is probably a "sleeper agent" to the evil blue light and doesn't even know it.
I know ewww. I guess it's kind of in character for this show though. I had forgotten about her scenes with Vincent. You are right--there was some good chemistry there. Didn't see much with wolfie. Duh writers they are both witches DUH it'd be an interesting pairing. She'd also be more a part of the main action, which she should be. Especially because you are right that Vincent is probably a sleeper agent. Obviously he will be at some point, but yeah he probably already is without knowing it. Obviously Freya would have a lot to do (and maybe some meaty choices when it comes to protecting her VAMPIRE family or a witch she's fallen in love with.) Maybe they are trying to introduce more gay characters

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