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This episode was very long...and boring...and just kept going.

Klaus - I wasn't paying much attention because, again, his scenes were with the thing I try to ignore the most on this show. I will never be a fan of the magical baby plot and her now walking and talking does not help. Klaus possessed by this evil blue light is just meh. I think it would have been more interesting had it been Elijah tbh.

Elijah - So damn dramatic . I'm usually all for his flare and drama queen ways, but his speech in the beginning of the episode to Vincent (and most of his scenes with him) were just full of cheesy dialogue. "I would violate everything sacred under the sun to protect my niece" calm down sweetie . I did like the moral dilemma of him knowing that if it came to it he would gladly murder innocent children to protect his family. It's very in character for all the Originals and I'm glad they didn't change that.

Hayley - No cares about her wolfpack issues. Don't understand her relationship with Marcel since they never seemed to be friends and suddenly they have this weird relationship and understanding. Seemed to come out of nowhere imo. I like that she was morally against murdering innocent kids. I mean I'm sure if push came to shove she would have done whatever she had to to protect her kid, but I find it interesting that she had this line that Elijah crossed just thinking about doing it.

Freya/Wolfie - Not here for it. I don't like the idea that Freya is going to be getting romantic with someone she has tortured and is holding captive. It's creepy and weird. I would prefer Freya in the witchy I loved her scenes/chemistry with Vincent so I was hoping to see something more happen there .

Vincent - My baby is probably a "sleeper agent" to the evil blue light and doesn't even know it. I find it highly suspicious that he led the Mikaelsons and Marcel to the light to rescue the kiddies and suddenly it was exactly what the light wanted...I don't buy it. I don't think Vincent is aware of it, but I think the blue light is too deep inside him. I don't think he resisted and fought it the way he claimed. It was probably buried asleep inside him until it could take control or something. Poor Vincent .

Marcel - I love how he claims he would never hurt kids and that he's a good leader trying to help everyone and yet he seems to have a memory loss when it comes to the wolves and his past sins against the witches . Idiot. Beautiful, but idiot.

Will - Bye.

Overall I was bored. This episode didn't do much for me and only highlighted that they really need more Mikaelson sibling scenes.

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