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^Yeah it really seems like Klaus has changed A LOT for the better. (That speech to Hope in the beginning about loving a place more than people was great.) It would be good to see more of it, although I suspect it is unpopular. Indeed, Klaus IS entertaining as a baddie. To have him be possessed would be a clever way to show him as one while still honoring his growth. I like the idea presented that this force takes what is bad in your heart and uses it. I am excited to see more of this, particularly with Elijah, who seems good, but who hides ugliness behind "the red door" and his impeccable suits. I like that "family above all" as an ideal is still being challenged in this episode--is it right when you are killing others' families, particularly children? I am glad that Davina was mentioned as an example.

There was a lot of great dialogue in this episode and the montage at the end with Marcel seeing the blue light and Hope's dream of Klaus possessed was fantastic. However, there were a few things which really detracted from the episode on the first viewing. (I like to watch it again the next day when I'm not constantly being distracted by commercial interruptions). One was Will's possession and death. I was never very invested in the character but to bring him back and kill him off so quickly seemed like a waste. I didn't really get why he would succumb to the charms of the Hollow. I guess we have to compare him to the werewolf girl who also had been possessed, but her demise seemed more affecting! The worst thing about the episode was the gaping hole of WHY THE MOST POWERFUL WITCH, FREYA, was not more involved in the central action?!? I get why Vincent was so central, having somehow brought forth this force originally, but this makes him more a liability too, because it possessed him in the past. *

Why not have Freya be more involved? In the beginning she was burglaring Marcel's abode, but why not have the characters think of calling her down there to use her magic to fight the Hollow? Instead it seemed she was relegated to beginning a relationship with that werewolf (who I find very annoying) and babysitting Hope--which might be important except that it wasn't crucial it be her! I can't help but worry that TO is developing a bad habit, like TVD, of sidelining female characters to plot devices and relationships, which is hard to swallow, given that a woman is the showrunner/creator.

* We have got to see more of what happened the first time Vincent encountered the Hollow. I don't remember enough of what happened with his wife and besides, people may not have seen that. Papa Tunde used similar magic, but he never killed his sons but channeled them. How was Vincent able to escape and his wife was not?
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