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theshando Today was a rough day. Not because of any bad health reports. But just sometimes the stress of life, the stress of people not doing their jobs, the stress of cancer, the stress of waiting and limbo, can really get one down. It could also be how the stars are aligning. Who knows! What I do know, is this man entered my life back in March of 2016 and has not just helped me with cancer, but he has become my friend. A strong shoulder to lean on. A compassionate human who cares. A surgeon who spends hours and hours, days, weeks, simply contemplating reconstruction and how he will make me (and his other patients) as perfect as we can be. Simply said... I love him and I'm so thankful something bad like cancer can also bring something so beautiful to me. @JayOrringerMD thank you. #jayorringer #stillacancerslayer #stillblessed
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