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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
It's so annoying that they cut that scene

Rip is not in S2 that much. He only comes back after the winter hiatus and Sara is the captain of the Waverider

I don't think bringing Eddie back would change a thing. Last year we had Patty in his place and that didn't give Joe a storyline. Then they introduced Julian and they quickly made him a S.T.A.R. Labs character as well. Even if Eddie were back, they'd find a way to shoehorn him in there like they do everyone else. Barry, Iris and Joe barely have jobs. How do Cisco and Caitlin make a living?
Yer a lot of fans were pissed would of been a good episode .. faulse advertising

Yer i heard about Rip sad but i do enjoy sara more

.. i do agree how do any of them eaen money z? It seems like none of them work .. the cisco and Caitlin thing has been asked before and i still don't know
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