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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
Captain Cold was back in the last two episodes but I don't know about S3.

The only Arrow characters I truly like are Diggle and Thea. I'm over everyone else
Lol true for me

Legends should be better but i still need to watch more of season 2 .. i love sara and snart .. i want to love rip ( actor was in dw ) but his a bad leader and thats the fustrating bit the other characters are ok but yer it needs something that I dont know .. tbh i was very fustrated in S1 trailer there was meant to be an episode with them with barry and oliver but it never happened??
Thw one thing i love is the time travel always entertaining

Flash i agree it just the lab people and the west which is very annoying they need to mix it up .. season one it was 3 different things lab flash , crime scene police sataion and home /west .. they need that break i think thats why i wish they brought back eddie to get back into the crime give joe a storyline on his own.. let iris do more journalist pieces etc ..

Arrow i didnt watch it in its high so i dont know .. for me its dake but it feel odd the fight scenes need improving laurel was horrible at them .. the team is not really a team .. i like lance , thea and diggle .. felicity to much now and olivee makes to much mistakes and doesnt oen up to it
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