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I think one theme of the season is "the wrong significant others" for three main characters in Andy, Ephram, and Amy. Linda, Madison and Tommy weren't the right ones for them and Berlanti played this up.
I feel like shows do this a lot. Essentially the whole story on Life Unexpected was that way, with keeping baze and the cate apart, who then finally got together on the series finale. . and i also feel like oth did it in its second season with BL being together. LP barely had scenes. Its just annoying to em when shows do that though, it just looks like they completely forgot about a core relationship! In actuality they are probably try to wait for the right time but its irritating. Its storytelling i will never understand.

I agree with you that the theme of Season 2 was to show the wrong pairings, but maybe the contrast would have worked out better if they also showed scenes with the right ones for some sort of comparison.
exactly! showing what is wrong is fine but i agree that it'd be way more successful showing what is right.

Season 2 so far has been great, but just doesnt really compare to season 1 for me. It has the same sort of feel and there are nice storylines and messages, but I miss some of the key relationships. Where the heck has freaking Nina been? She's barely in season 2!
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