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Originally Posted by Summer Falls (View Post)
Agreed 100% i personal don't like big casted shows cause a lot of thung get lost in it.. like certain characters get a lot of screen time in season 1 than they lose it later in cause they make room for the new characters..

The flash is tipping it for sure i really wished they wait to put either wally or jessie in .. one side to much characters and speedsters i would of loved to see barry be the single one and grow and learn than tesch on .. i feel he still has a lot of learning .
I think there's too many characters in general and too many S.T.A.R. Labs centered stories.

I like Legends of Tomorrow because even though the cast is big it's like a new show every week. They time travel to different time periods and mix up the characters interactions. It doesn't feel like they're confined into one place and they're developing the relationships between the team quite nicely. The Flash has stuck everyone in the lab and despite the fact that all the characters are on the same team there are still "cliques" within the team itself, the science people and the Wests. HR and Wally is probably the only new relationship they've developed somewhat consistently.

I would like to watch a crossover with Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Last year I kept wishing they time traveled to a possible future and showed old Barry and the West-Allen bloodline

As for Arrow, I used to love the show in S2 but it went downhill from there. It's not even about a ship or a specific character. It just stopped entertaining me. And with Flash and Supergirl being so light, the dark tone Arrow had stood out and started bothering me.
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