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Sisters {Brennan & Angela} #21: Because we loved their friendship and we're going to miss it!

Welcome to the
Brennan & Angela
Friendship Thread!

Friendship List

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#47 Marlay
#48 One Love (Fatima)
#49 buffyandspike4ever (Nikki)
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#51 Sparkleyღ
#52 BoreanazLoverXO (Nikole)
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Because they're always there for each other
Because they always find the time to comfort each other
Because Brennan can say anything to Angela and she'll understand
Because Ange ripped open her blouse to find out when Brennan's plane landed
Because Angela tries to get Brennan to open up to other people
Because Brennan flew out to the desert when Angela needed her
Because Angela encouraged Brennan to 'go out' with Booth
Because Ange decided to back Brennan up in working behind Goodman's back even if she didn't like it
Because they can't fight even for too long
Because Angela got Brennan to admit she liked her nickname
Because Brennan paid for Angela's pig
Because they discuss all things sexual
Because they are like sisters, metaphorically speaking
Because Angela told Brennan about her pregnancy first
Because Angela said she would name a daughter Temperance


*Brennan: “What should I wear?”
*Angela: “Clothing.”

*"You're my best friend & I love you like a sister."
*"Glug glug whohoo!"

*"Listen, you said you wanted to do this alone because feelings are ephemeral. So is life, Brennan. We're here one minute and then we're gone the next. You should know that better than anybody! If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you."

*"Yeah, but you're never going to be on your own again -ever. Those little kicks that you feel, that's just the beginning. Look at this."

*Brennan: I'm here Ange.
*Angela: I know you are sweety, that's why I love you.

*Brennan: So I'm the only one living the life I expected.
*Angela: Well how's that, honey?
*Brennan: It's um, it's as I expected.

*Brennan: Booth fell in love in Afghanistan.
*Angela: Oh. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.
*Brennan: Why? Are you in love with Booth?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Angela: Brennan is really lucky that she's my friend or I would totally make a move on you.

Angela: There's this country-western bar outside of town. It's got this bull that we can ride, and there's line dancing, and there's these hot guys in chaps, and some of them aren't even gay.
Brennan: I do like horses so I will feel very comfortable there.


credit: Nillie

Main artwork by: Nikole
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