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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
I wanted her on Legends of Tomorrow. Possibly teaming up with the villains The Flash cast seems overcrowded.
Agreed 100% i personal don't like big casted shows cause a lot of thung get lost in it.. like certain characters get a lot of screen time in season 1 than they lose it later in cause they make room for the new characters..

The flash is tipping it for sure i really wished they wait to put either wally or jessie in .. one side to much characters and speedsters i would of loved to see barry be the single one and grow and learn than tesch on .. i feel he still has a lot of learning .

Arrow i watch for the sake of the dc trio shows now there is 4 .. lol like i watched season first 4 episodes hated it but my sisters continued and they said it wss so good snd i thimk it was for the first 2 or 3 seasons .. than I started watching it when the flashed aired so i could know whats gojng on ,,.. now its an ok show not the best out of the bunch .. it has lost a lot of its appleal and last years final was so boring .. that whole season was boring knly laurel death was interesting but than it got boring .

I watched legends but again to much characters .. i do thinm it woukd of been nice to have BS go there for the whole sara side .. or stay In th3 flash for sure cause that episode was epic .. all of katie fans were so happy that is what her characters meant tk be like arrow didnt use her right .

And Supergirl i havent really got into it yet its basically a girl version kn the flash ... ill prefer the flash .. it had grasnt
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