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Originally Posted by Awesome Nerds (View Post)
Really? REALLY??? Do I need to remind you of the feels you have pried from my poor innocent heart??

Yes that's us, we are goo... But somehow able to still post
Okay. You're right. Let's be friends again.

I'm 95 percent goo. My hands haven't turned into goo...yet.

Originally Posted by Awesome Nerds (View Post)
Whoever they were going to pick as Riley had to be able to portray that lead character spot, AND fit into the Corpanga family and whatnot... Well done casting

Originally Posted by Renata M. (View Post)
Remember the first time seeing them on screen? (Well, for me was on youtube )
I saw gif sets of them before I started watching the show. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw them together was the scene in the photo you posted.

Originally Posted by ihavealife2uknow (View Post)
If there's one thing I'm happy about in season 3 it's that we got an episode about Topanga/Riley.
I loved that too! There was never enough Topanga/Riley moments in my opinion, so I thought the fact that TPTB had a whole episode centered around them was awesome!
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