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Originally Posted by valeposh (View Post)
I don't know why, but Chrome wouldn't let me through.
How are you doing? I have a pretty light work week so not bad.
I can get through on Chrome. Click on "details" then it lets you continue to the site, if it ever happens again.

I'm back from my vacation. I had such a good time. I was with 7 other friends I met through the GG fandom years ago. We've taken a trip together every year, somewhere different since 2009 (except we skipped 2016). This year was Arizona, as one of the people has a family vacation home up in the mountains east of Phoenix. One day we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon which was amazing. The rest of the time we mostly hung out, played games, laughed a lot, and had some great food. The weather was great, not too hot until Monday when we were all leaving. We also saw Beauty and the Beast one night.

Such a fun trip. But it's nice to be back home in my own bed!

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