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Hey guys, I guess this isn't something you did expected to see this Christmas... in less your name is Issi since that's the only person I told. Thanks to, Issi, I finally decided to open a thread I never really thought to open. I've been asked if I had a Fanart thread plenty of times, and my answer was always simply no and I kept it moving. I am sort of an underground artist. I like to make stuff and keep it going although I am pretty active on my tumblr with posting gifs. Oh, and by the way my name is Tia and some people from a distant past will probably remember me as my former username BrathanSupporter. I would not call myself an graphic artist per say, I'm more of a person who can do stuff while not really caring or knowing how to do it as well as other people do it. I've been on for over five years and I've met some pretty awesome people through same interest. My favorite artist on are
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When I'm not doing gifs or making icons (rarely make icons by the way). I work on my true passion which is editing videos, it is something I've done since about nine years old. It started with Windows Movie Maker, to Ulead to now Sony Vegas. The only thing that is stopping me from making as much videos as I would like is my slow computer, but if it were my choice, I'd much rather be editing videos.

all videos this way

l a t e s t g i f s;

speaking of which; Clois is my OTP of all OTP's, my ultimate ship, so, on
my tumblr page, you'll see a lot of other pairings but Clois is easily the pairing I make the most gifs of.

more opening post

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opening date: 12/25/2015
created by: Tia
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