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It's sad. I wasn't a fan of DD and LC and was hoping that IF and JJ will save Defenders.
Now I'm just mad we're going to wait forever for another season of JJ just so they can keep piling up the crap shows
Do you know if there's any plan of making an Elektra show? That, I'd watch!

Also, Logan got rave reviews. Lol at him ending on a high note unlike X-Men trilogy.
Well, that's what happens when you get a real screen writer instead of a bunch of frat boys who pretend to be writers. Wolverine always had a very interesting background and personality, as well as a really fascinating ability from a human perspective, but they chose to make him a random boring ass kicking machine instead of exploring that. Now that Hugh Jackman looks like he's 60 they had to do something else

New King Kong also got better reviews than I expected.
And yet it still look pretty stupid.

I liked Dana Delany on Desperate Housewives, but it's the only project I know her from.
Well, you're young
I still remember her in China Beach. That was a pretty good show.

Body Of Proof first 2 seasons were good by procedural standarts too.
Procedural shows are always too predictable and formulaic for me but I'm not ashamed to admit I watched it only for Delany and and Jeri Ryan. If that makes me superficial, well
Seriously though, her character was fun. The rest of the show, meh, I don't know.

I like her as a person too. She's crazy and a cool cat. At 60+ it's not a bad way to be

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