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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)
Yes, I was livid about the finale for so long. Now that they brought him back I can forgive it. Maybe theyll do a vpd revival in like 5 years and bring Stefan back through a spell.

KW doesn't make sense to me really. He apparently loves SE but wanted to kill Stefan? How can you care about a pairing so much but not the individual characters. I dont get him. And I cant understand why he'd put so much into a show just to leave it. What is the point? If I create something i don't want to just hand it off to someone else. Seems weird to me.
As much as I love SC as a couple/individuals this is the end of the story for the characters in canon for me. Anything more will be coming from fanfiction

I think like I said earlier it's because they are too simplistic in their writing and they don't stray away from these rules they created. Somebody had to die is one of the things KW apparently told JP. I didn't watch DC but I know they had a death there. And on show a show that's supernatural, death is even more likely. TO is probably guaranteed a major death too if they wrote their finale knowing it's the end. And the characters titled as heroes are the ones who have to make the sacrifices. JP was thinking of Bonnie dying which is also really terrible And imo they wanted to end if off involving the triangle somehow to bring it full circle but it just didn't work. It's not that I'm against the death of a character I love. It's the manner in which it happens that is important to me. And this just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. As early as when I found out about the engagement before S8 started I was considering one of them dying because if felt like they were giving us happiness too soon.

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I hope you're right! I don't want one day to see KC gifsets on tumblr.
If that were to happen it would only happen in over a year's time so that's a very distant problem

I feel like Candice has closed the chapter on Caroline.

Look how cute she is. She wrote a letter to herself

craccolaDear Candice, I know things seem hard and you feel lost. Trust in yourself. Trust in your journey. For it is just about to take a turn into a new direction in your life. Everything will change. You will love it. Drink up every second. For it will go by too fast.
Sincerely, Candice #tvdforever
She doesn't seem very ambitious but I hope she auditions for new tv shows. I want to see her in a comedy/dramedy. I think she'd be perfect for something more lighthearted. I hope she stays away from The CW though Except for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's the only CW show that I think is great.


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