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Iron Fist:
14% on Rotten Tomatoes
35% on Metacritic.
if they keep making tv shows on Netflix, Disney's Marvel is going to be the next NBC. Then again, Iron Fist was a ****ing boring comic book. The more they scrape the bottom of the barrel for characters unrelated to the Xmen universe, the worse their ratings will get.

Binge watched the whole first season of The Affair yesterday damn, I liked it. It was so well written and I like the characters.
Watched 3 or 4 episodes and I hated it

Tried watching S2 of Hand of God on Amazon. Still having a major problem with some of the leads and on top of that I can't remember half of what happened in s1 that was released over a year ago
I'm only holding on for Dana Delany at this point.

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