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This day felt like it would never come and now that it's here....I'm just so happy .

Stefan - Did he seriously say Damon was the better brother or was I just laughing too hard to hear correctly? Because wow. Not upset by his ending all that much. He got Lexi and his car and then Damon sometime later. And he seemed at genuine peace away from everyone so . I do find it funny though he was barely married for 2hrs before he decided he would rather die .

Damon - Happy he acknowledge the blood on his hands and that he was actually responsible for his own terrible decisions. I just wish he died instead because it would have been more poetic imo that he died with Katherine and saved Stefan and allowed him to have happiness after promising him endless torment in s1.

Caroline - Meh. Possible KC endgame does not negate the utter uselessness of her new life as being Professor X .

Bonnie - Getting to enjoy living her life to the fullest and being happy before inevitably reuniting with Enzo is nice. I'm just happy she wasn't the one who ended up dead tbh.

Elena - Damn that wig was terrible . Guess it's nice she got to have her HEA with Damon, but also meh about her just utter lack of feeling about anything and everything.

Matt & the Mashed Potatoes - I don't care. Enjoy your bench.

Jeremy - Nice little cameo to see him alive. Wish he was with Elena instead of randomly with the x-men.

Alaric - Wasn't he like a father to Elena at one point? And he legit seemed to not give a fck that she was about to burn in hellfire . Wow.

Ghostys - Lexi was a nice surprise and I loved the hug she shared with Stefan. Jo looking over Ric and her girls was sweet. Tyler & Vicki endgame was so freaking random and weird .Sheriff Forbes was really nice to see looking over her daughter, the Gilberts/Jenna was really nice to see them all together and smiling, but John being there too was just weird since no one gave a fck about him .

Katherine - I forgot how much I missed her. Nina seemed to be in her element playing her. Wish there was more of a purpose with her there and not just "hey I seduced the devil and became queen" type of bs. Whatever, I was happy to see her .

Cons - Sloppy revision to the sleeping curse on Elena, Damon and Caroline being friends, Stefan sacrificing himself because Team Damon was better, the LOST ending, Tyler getting crapped on all season only to end up with Vicki, the show from s4-s8.

Pros - THIS BITCH IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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