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I understand this. But Disney is def. more than just an owner considering how they are pushing Marvel shows and let OUAT use their recent hits in hopes to push their ratings. Shoudn't they be ashamed?
Studios are like politicians: they are only ashamed when they are caught and when people care.

And then Doherty left, other 2 became executive producers and everything left down the toilet.
Why do they even let actors become execs?

I mean...the first time I watched that final Kalinda/Alicia scene...didn't even realise they weren't in the same room. Neither did Jos. Paying attention to the story is the most important for us.
come on! You didn't notice? Seriously? When's the last time you got your eyes checked?
I get what you mean but there are instances where it just takes you out of the story. The A/K scene was one because it was supposed to be this big moment and it was so self conscious and stunted by the technical constraints of not leaving their corner of the screen. Ugh.

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