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All she had to do was go to him, get his input. Or at least cite why it had to be done. How it was done, was bad. Especially since it took awhile for him to even find out his wife was responsible. Bailey was clearly was afraid to tell him. Yes I know she didn't welcome the change, and it was basically pushed on her. But she took it, and ran with it. And didn't consult the board, or anyone else. And she expects the staff to take it without any issues...

Especially given how beloved Richard is. Especially with Meredith, and now with Maggie being his daughter. Most of the staff has been trained by Richard...

Yes the interns love this new plan, but the older tier of doctors were trained by Richard personally...

I think it was handled badly.. But then when dealing in with several maternity leaves or reduced work loads, they didn't do what should have been done with the storyline...
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