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I know it's a storyline. And Bailey hadn't had one in awhile. But it's annoying one because you would think Bailey would be Team Richard over anyone except Meredith. I know she has to think about the hospital. But I don't think Minnick's theory helps it all that much. Sure it pushes the interns to get more experience earlier... But so far, the ones who have had the experience are the ones who have been around the OR and in surgeries the most. Stephanie who was practically second in command to Amelia. And Ben, who had that bad patient go wrong last year. But then he delivered baby Harriet...

To help the hospital. She should have said no to Minnick's order of going it alone. She should know the hospital is a like a family. And so close. And if Richard is pushed aside, then members will be upset...

Bailey shouldn't have been the one to go against Richard.
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