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That episode was just a mess, but ok .
Hahaha--I enjoyed it, but you are right! I basically had to ignore all the unbelievable stuff like...

Alaric not taking two extra seconds to ring the bell two or three more times so Stefan could kill the know, so everyone including his kids would be safe!

But the whole "i guess I was blasted back into my body" was pretty stupid! HOW is that possible?
I know! However, that seemed less ridiculous when compared with the ending calling Katherine worse than the devil? She certainly was their greatest nemesis but really?

What I did love was the scene when Bonnie fights Cade for Damon's soul. That was awesome. Then Stefan sneaks up on Cade who is in the middle of all this and kills him. You have to ignore all the stupid stuff like the knife being left in the open, etc. The special effects of Cade burning up were also cool and the hug between the brothers was touching. I liked that Cade made Damon choose between his brother and Elena too--it really is the point of the show--and it was telling that maybe Damon has grown, when he refused to choose, instead "choosing himself".

Honorable mention of the night was finally seeing the mystic falls of Mystic Falls . How mystical these falls were.
I didn't catch that, but cool! The setting was perfect for the action, and with the lighting and photography, it made the action mysterious and symbolic, like it was the River Styx, the border between life and death.

Cool idea to tie Katherine in to the end of the series, but how in the heck are they going to wrap all this up well in 2 hours?

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