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This was a good episode! There was so much going on. It's still hard to feel like the series is coming to an end. But I think so far they are doing a decent enough job... I'm hoping the last two episodes have a slightly bigger impact on me emotionally. There's a lot of potential. I don't want them to screw it up...

I dont really see the appeal of Kai either, he annoyed me when he was on the show so I don't really care that he's back... And seriously why are we wasting screentime on hearing him sing? And why hasn't he killed anyone yet? The ending with Bonnie was great. The spin doctors song playing.

Alaric was a badass this episode taking Kai down! Loved Caroline helping too. Him wanting to start a school for supernatural kids was sort of cool I guess, to tie into his teaching.

I was glad to get some Bonnie focus! The Bonnie/Stefan interaction was nice. I loved that he apologized and she forgave him ish. Her scenes with Enzo were sweet I guess but slightly boring. And their "goodbye" felt pretty anti-climatic? I loved the DB scene though and her reaction to hearing that he died. Loved the scene with Cade too.

Stefan packing the picture of SC . His stupid plan to kill Cade alone obviously would go wrong! He's just a human, wtf. But it was cool that Damon and Bonnie came in to help and Stefan was the one that was able to actually stake him. The ending SC scene was SO CUTEEEE. I'm so glad that Stefan apologized, gave that big speech, and proposed again. The kiss was so cute and I love that Caroline said yes and didn't turn him down.

Damon = . Sacrificing himself to save SE was wonderful. Also loved the Stefan/Damon and Damon/Caroline scenes. Stefan holding Damon when he "died" was sweet. But the whole "i guess I was blasted back into my body" was pretty stupid! HOW is that possible? The ending convo was great though. Damon looking at Elena's body.

I will say I think its great that they are tying Katherine back into everything. She was the season 1 "villain" and now she's running hell. I think its appropriate.
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