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That episode was just a mess, but ok .

Damon - Being the hero, but telling Stefan not to touch "his girl" really offended my feminist-self, but considering how problematic this show is and how they always seem to treat women as objects and claim it's romantic it's not that surprising. Aside from that he was fine this episode, but I really can't take him being friendly with Caroline seriously.

Stefan - He just came off as really pushy toward Bonnie, imo. Like I get he's feeling insurmountable guilt, but to basically say how he won't stop until she forgives him is just messed up. She shouldn't have to forgive him just because he feels terrible. He should feel terrible about Enzo.

Bonnie - Nothing good or bad to say tbh. She was just kind of there in the mess that is this show. I did enjoy her revenge against Kai though. Poetic and hilarious. Wish that she had more scenes with him though. I think Chris and Kat have great chemistry and she deserved more time to confront him for everything he did to her.

Enzo - You precious ghosty. I like that he was trying to save Bonnie and her kind heart by telling her she should learn to forgive Stefan. Unlike Stefan he was doing it for her. Stefan came off more selfish wanting forgiveness while Enzo was legit murdered by the guy and yet still was selfless enough in his love of Bonnie to want her to have peace of mind and heart.

Caroline - Nothing to say. Just super disappointed in how far she's fallen to me.

Cade - I'll miss your perfect teeth.

Alaric - His crushed balls saved the episode for me tbh .

Kai - I will miss you CobraKai1972. You are an ahole and a complete sociopath, but highly entertaining. Rip "Steven" and Alaric's balls.

Katherine - The myth. The legend. The baddest bitch of all. Perfect for pre-season 4 Katherine. Everything else after was just a mess to me and I don't see this (her wanting to stop a wedding ) to be any different.

Honorable mention of the night was finally seeing the mystic falls of Mystic Falls . How mystical these falls were.

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