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Originally Posted by livexitxupx18 (View Post)
I love how the actress is boosting how Rayna gave her the "best" advice about Scarlett's love life. What did he ever do to her to make her so damn cold. Scarlett is such an resentful person that I am finished with her. The writers are pushing for Damien and Scarlett to be together with that speech from Rayna. CMT has destroyed these two that I don't think they can ever find their way. And Gunnar seriously needs to move on from selfish Scarlett. If this show was on ABC it wouldn't be this bad. I am with you now, the show just broke my heart.
That advice was a bunch of hog wash, it just irks my nerves that Scarlett can do whatever the hell she wants and they try to justify it by all means necessary but they can't seem to do the same for Gunnar. I'm still lost about her little rant last week about all this pain Gunnar has caused her, I honestly think she has done much more damage being a heartless and cold you know what. I will never look at this couple the same after this mess, I definitely won't be sticking around to watch Scarlett and that douche bag nothing charming about him.
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