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Originally Posted by slbcwrites (View Post)
You know, I think sometimes actors just view their work from a completely different realm and perspective than fans. They may realize that fans get emotionally invested in the shows, but I don't think sometimes they realize HOW invested the fans are. So I'm witnessing a lot of angst and people upset this week wondering what's happening to Rayna, and Connie is probably just disconnected from that a little because it's her job and she might not understand the fan's viewpoint all that well. I doubt she reads much social media chatter. And I think many actors are probably like that. They may try to relate to the fans, but they are viewing the show and their work completely differently than we are. I don't think she's intentionally being insensitive or mean, she just doesn't see it the same way the fans do.
I'm just glad hayden (at least from what she often said in different occasions) sees the show more as a fan than an actor. Ok both. She apparently does not read other scenes than hers to watch them as fan. So I feel she might understand the fans concerns a lot more. Just she doesn't talk about it bc she is not in a position to do so probably.
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