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Originally Posted by TogetherღUnashamed (View Post)
JoLuca they make me think of the brother/sister relationship they're like leaning on each other but without all the love things, it's cute and I love that kinda dynamic, not everything has to be romanticize.
I am excited to see more of them
I don't think that is how the audience is meant to view Deluca's feelings for her. IMO it is clear he has romantic feelings for her, she just does not know he has them.

What is interesting though is that he veered into nice guy territory after his conversation with Alex. I didn't really like it, and I thought he came across like a bit of a jerk, lol. He doesn't deserve Jo just because he thinks he is a nice guy who dropped charges for her. She has to actually like him back. Plus he had to idea that Alex was going to take a plea on her behalf.
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