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Yes I did go to the show this weekend... It was amazing. so much better than the first time I saw it (over a year ago). Sorry I haven't written my review of it, I've been distracted by actually writing (that urge should fade fast lol)

The show was just absolutely fantastic. I first saw it opening weekend, so it was still new to all of them. This time I could see how much more relaxed and almost playful they/Randy seemed. the introduction of the Kit Kat girls and boys was more sexual and raunchy (and i loved it lol)... Being so close this time I didn't miss a thing. I was watching the show, but would occassionally glance to where Randy was and see what he was doing. It was cool to see that even when he wasn't a part of the scene he was still "in" it... his expressions and his intensity.

We did go to the stage door at the end of the show. it was freaking so cold, but we did it since I brought a friend who had never met Randy before. he was either the first or second one to leave (which was unusual, he is usually towards the end) but he came over and said Hi, took a pic or two, talked to a couple of us, ended up on his phone and literally ran off to meet someone. He ended up not being able to talk to everyone who was waiting for him, so I counted us lucky he came over to us first. he seemed happy and relaxed. I asked him about the awful weather we had while he was here and if he enjoyed the snow.. he said he did, I told him that was just wrong LOL

He seems very ready for one week then rest. the cast and crew were already prepared to arrive in Toronto later than scheduled since they were leaving Monday and there was yet another storm but they got there nonetheless

So glad I had the chance to see this a second time and with such a good seat to see it all!
"Randy and I dove in so deep so soon" - Gale Harold (at ATX referring to shooting episode 1 sex scenes right out of the gate) Peter thought his choice of words was hysterical! LOL
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