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Originally Posted by soapbubbles511 (View Post)
It's not exactly a new thing that they treat Chip as a kinda lead. Last season the only ones who got new promo pics were Connie, Hayden and Chip. And all three of them were in the promo pic used for the album covers. This season there's both a Connie/Hayden poster and another version that also includes Chip. They were the only three who got individual character promos before the season.

Who knows, maybe Hayden was asked and wasn't available/didn't want to. Because generally the promo is Connie/Hayden with Chip sometimes included and sometimes not.

In any case I hope they go to the opening because I want pictures of them with their wax selves
I think it´s about setting, since there was this description that they would be infront Bluebird and people could take photos between them.

Really wish we would get some photos That pic Connie posted with cardboard Rayna was also so good
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