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Originally Posted by redhairlove08 (View Post)
Deyna is the most loved couple on the show. I'm sorry to say it but the writers/showrunners probably look at social media and 95% of the conversation is Deyna. In one way or another, they've been together since the beginning, and they're a huge part of what makes the show what it is. Everyone loves them.

In order to get good revenue and a good turnout, a company is going to want to advertise the thing that will bring the most money/turnout for them. Deacon and Rayna are going to bring in tourists for them.

No, Chip isn't TECHNICALLY a co-lead, but he's beloved and that's going to bring them a lot of money. Connie is obviously a co-lead, so adding the other half of the couple that most of the fandom loves, it's going to be good for Madame Tusade's.
It should have been Rayna and Juliette. But this attitude is exactly why the Deyna fans will be the ones to save the show if Rayna dies. Damn sure won't be me 'cause they'll have chased me off. I ship a lesser couple(s) so clearly I don't matter to the showrunners or the network.
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