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Finally slightly delayed even more due to my forgetfulness but its here & now I get to watch it

Fornell & Gibbs always nice to see them together. Of course Fornell is actually living with Gibbs now. Wonder who's decision that was

sounds like Gibbs went through a few probies that doesn't surprise me at all

Abby at the crime scene

McGee fussing over Tony's old desk . Not at all surprising as he would have kept his desk & computer in perfect condition while Tony wouldn't have. Then I completely understand him struggling to get used to the desk as he was in his for so long & it is different

Oh wow there was eight probies that Gibbs went through - that's quite a lot then. Those poor agents

"you're like the Goldilocks of NCIS" Love it

references to JAG? that's pretty cool & nice (even if I never watched JAG) Missed that Chris mentioned that in her post I think

Nice that Quinn has connections to the team already & remembered McGee even after all that time. Poor Bishop though - although I like that she's being messed with. Ok so I think its safe to say that Steph was right about thinking that I'd like Quinn

McGee in Abby's lab . I think I like Abby's outfit but of course you can't see much of it with her lab coat

I'm not sure on Torres right now . agree that his background with the girlfriend while he was undercover being a bit like Tony & Jeanne

"Senior field agent McGee" ok so I knew it was coming but still love hearing it

I like Gibbs picking Quinn & asking her to join the team

overall not the most interesting episode but a nice introduction to the new characters with enjoyable moments of the existing ones & interactions between at least Quinn & the team members
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