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Originally Posted by Scottish_Queen (View Post)
Gideon was really good in the premiere, I loved his sincerity in his dealing with Elizabeth. He really wants the best for both Mary and Elizabeth and most of all England. Even though he apparently loves Mary, I still think he will choose country in the end and so will she.
Exactly. I really admire his sincerity and integrity. He truly wants what is best for everyone. But I think you're right... despite how much they may care for each other, in the end, both he and Mary will choose their countries.

Originally Posted by Scottish_Queen (View Post)
I worry for him too....Darnley is just bad news. We know that historically but heck they even had the forboding music playing with his introduction. I kept saying...can Elizabeth just please let him marry that Keira girl and spare us the nightmare that is probably coming
Ugh. Completely agree about Darnley. He's trouble with a capital "T." I noticed the forboding music, too. Him marrying Keira would make things simpler. I wonder if he was sincere when he said he was in love with her....

Originally Posted by Scottish_Queen (View Post)
I hope I'm wrong but I would personally be shocked if poor Gideon survives the season. He's stuck in the middle of such a no win mess
I really hope you're wrong, too... but I have a feeling that you are right.
I love you, Mary Stuart. Forever.

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