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Challenge: OTP*

The Rules
  • Make an icon of your OTP, it can be from a movie or a tv show or crossover ships.
  • You may use texture if you want.
  • You may also make text icon, using quotes/song lyrics/etc.
  • All icons must be 100x100. No animation allowed.
  • Only 1 icon per person per submission.
  • To submit your icons, PM it to me.
  • During a challenge round, please do not display your submitted icon(s) on your LiveJournal, tumblr or at FanForum. These challenges are to remain annonymous.
  • If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me either here or via PM

DEADLINE: February 18th!

*One true pairing. A term you use to express a pair of people that are the perfect partner for each other. Gender doesn't matter.
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